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DonateNZ Tutorials

1.1 - Top Toolbars

1.2 - How to Accept an Offer

1.3 - Recipient Toolbox and Account

1.4 - Editing your Recipient Profile

1.5 - How to Make a Wish

1.6 - How to place a Warm Fuzzy


I’m a new Recipient. What do I do now?

There's a few steps we recommend to kick start your DonateNZmembership:

  1. Upload wishes to the website. It only takes a few moments and allows your community to begin searching for and offering those things to you. "Ask and ye shall receive"
  2. Add information about your organisation to your unique Recipient profile, by uploading this under the My Profile section. This helps Donors to identify with your cause and promote’s your organisations good works. "You have to be seen to be supported".
  3. Share the log in information with other staff members, as well as the weekly email updates. With more people using the site, the more gain your organisation will get.
  4. See what's available right now in the Offers. Search by keyword, location or simply browse by areas of interest. Remember, it's "first in first serve!" so keep checking back regularly and an eye on your inbox for the weekly email update.


What are the site rules?
There are 3 main rules to observe when accepting items fromthe site. Please respect these.

  1. Donations may not be taken for personal use
    I.e. You may not accept a TV and take it home for your lounge.
  2. Donations must not be taken for resale, unless this is stated as ok in the donation conditions.
    I.e. You can not accept a TV to sell at a white elephant stall for $5
  3. Donations must be used for the benefit of the organisation who holds the Recipient account
    I.e. Accepting a TV and giving it to the school next door who does not have a DonateNZ membership

DonateNZ is a happy, fun environment for users to facilitatedonations quickly and easily. To help keep it this way, we ask that you observethe following basic etiquette:

  1. Use the questions facility below the offer or wish detail to make any queries about offers before you accept them.
  2. Arrange delivery or pick up promptly after acceptance.
  3. Place a Warm Fuzzy after receiving a donation. Please be original - tell them a little of how you are using the donation - do not use a standardised text.
  4. Make your wish listings as specific as possible to ensure your needs are met.
  5. Report any cancellations or bad experiences to us via email so we can ensure it does not happen again.


What if I lose my password?
If at any time you lose your password, below the log inbox is a link to “Forgot your password”. Click this link and you will be taken to a form whichwill help you generate a new one.


How do I withdraw a listing?

Withdrawing a listing is easy. Justfollow the step by step instructions below:

  1. Log in to the website
  2. Go to "My Account" and view the relevant section your listing is in
  3. Next to the listing you want to withdraw, click “Delete”
  4. Confirm you want to delete the listing by checking “yes” to the confirm box


How to ask a Question on a listing

Asking a question about a listingis really easy! Simply follow the step by step instructions below...

  1. Log in to DonateNZ (not able to ask questions without being logged in
  2. While logged in, view the listing details for the Wish or Offer you wish to ask a question on.  
  3. Click on "Ask a Question" below the listing details.
  4. Once you have clicked on this button, a field will come up below - use this space to write your question in.
  5. Once you have composed your question, click on "Submit question". This will send your question to the lister by email. Your question will not be publicly viewable until it is answered.
  6. Once an answer has been lodged in reply to your question, you will receive the answer by email.

If you would like to ask anotherquestion, follow the process from the start again.


How to answer a question on a listing

To answer a question you havebeen asked on a listing, simply follow the step by step instructions below...

  1. You will receive notification via email when someone asks you a question, displaying the question you have been asked and where to answer it.
  2. Click on the link contained within the email to be taken to the DonateNZ website where you must log in.
  3. Once you have logged in, the question will show itself, along with a field where you can enter your answer.
  4. Once you have written your answer in the field, click on "Submit Answer". The page will refresh and display both the question and the answer on the listing details. The answer will also be sent to the person who asked it via email.

Note - Please do not post yourpersonal details in the listing answers, or else these details will be publiclyviewable to anyone who views the site.


See more handy answers to frequently asked questions here.

If you need further help, please contact us.


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