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About Email Updates

Email updates are a quick, easy way to keep in touch with how to support your local community. Simply sign up and once weekly an email will arrive in your inbox with the latest Wishes placed by community organisations in your area!

Wishes are made by schools, playcentres and charities, who are after help from the everyday person, just like you.  Read more about our Recipient members here.

What they’re wishing for could be something you already have lying around  - like a desk or chair, or art supplies you no longer use! Or it could be a request for help, such as an hour of your time facepainting at a Pet Day!
It’s easy to sign up for the updates, either by registering on the right hand side of the home page or by creating a Donor account. It’s also easy to stop them, just by clicking “Unsubscribe” from the bottom of the email.




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