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Welcome to DonateNZ

Donate to deserving organisations in your community, using our unique match maker service – It’s like online dating for donating! If you have something to give, we can put you in touch with worthy organisations who are waiting to receive. Save time & money and give your unloved things a new lease on life, whilst helping the environment and supporting your local community.

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  • bedding

    One of our families is in need of bedding and blankets for a…

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  • Donations Received 1657
  • Donations Available 209
  • Wishes Being Made 9
  • Wishes Granted 612
  • Warm Fuzzies Sent 583

Donor Case Studies

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Auckland Commercial Painting

"“We had certain products and we thought we could give it away instead of disposing of it. We thought if someone could find some benefit from it that would be good"..."…Read more


Auckland Commercial Painting

Recipient Case Studies

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"I Have a Dream Charitable Trust"

""We have used the site to get computers to put in the homes for each of our dreamers. Many of our existing computers had broken down."..."…Read more


IHAD Trust

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