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Welcome to DonateNZ

Donate to deserving organisations in your community, using our unique match maker service – It’s like online dating for donating! If you have something to give, we can put you in touch with worthy organisations who are waiting to receive. Save time & money and give your unloved things a new lease on life, whilst helping the environment and supporting your local community.

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  • clothes

    One of our families is in need of clothes in good condition.…

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  • Donations Received 1659
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  • Wishes Granted 614
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Donor Case Studies

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Roses Are Red

""We are all really rapt knowing how the kids enjoy the stuff we donate and how valuable it is to them. We used to throw so much in rubbish bin and it seemed such an awful waste....""…Read more


Roses Are Red

Recipient Case Studies

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"We have found that our resources are stretched due to the increase for our services. Thanks to DonateNZ, we have been provided with tons of goods that have helped us cope with our demand."…Read more



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